WSDMS 無線儀電數據系統




  • Data Queen is a large scale IIOT Gateway with NeVerLoSs LoRa protocol implementation

  • Full band LoRa modulation, Max. 10 CH at 250K

  • Intel ATOM - 1.2G, upgradable

  • Linux, Webserver, SQL, API packs 

  • AWS Greengrass as option

  • Supports NB-IOT for backend transmission 

  • Machine Learning A.I Core support by Intel Movidius

  • Supports multiple Gateways interoperation and redundancy



  • Meter Ant is a industrial grade meter features its wireless capability when associates with Data Queen, it can carry meter data back in the very difficult environment that no signal can be reached like factories, wide area or complex building 

  • 3P3W, 3P4W, 1P3W,  Standard Wired Connecting

  • Detecting range: 50V to 600V

  • Wireless Range : LOS 10KM, INDOOR 1 to 2KM

  • DIO Control with DCS Logic

  • Supports Standard 5A CTs, and 100mA CT

  • Compact Design to Fit Switchboard / MCC panel 

  • MachineLink LoRa inside 

  • Plug and Play mode, Gateway selecting mode



  • Data Ant purposed to collect various sensors data frequently for long range WSN deployment, not like traditional IO controller, Data Ant features high stability and long range wireless connectivities when associated with Data Queen

  • Support 4-20mA Input, Digital Input/output, RS485 input

  • 0-3V Low voltage, 10 to 30V High voltage

  • Full configurations of IO
    -8DIO, 4AI, 2DO and RS485
    -4DIO, 2DIO and RS485
    -RS485 only 

  • Wireless Range : LOS 10KM, Indoor 1 to 2KM

  • MachineLink LoRa Inside

  • Robust Design

  • Supports FOTA and DIO Control